Good Reads and Favorite Shows

I’ve read several books recently I’d like to recommend.  First is Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers by Opal Singleton.  I had the pleasure of meeting the author at an International Conference on Missions where Rick and I attended several classes she taught on sex trafficking worldwide and specifically in the United States.  What we learned from Opal Singleton impelled us to connect with a local ministry.  Seduced has a great deal packed into it, including much needed information on internet danger areas, how to spot sex trafficking in your community and how to report this appalling crime against our children. 

Bible Study Fellowship encourages attendees to do a personal Bible study over the summer, and I picked Jennifer Rothschild’s Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything.  I have the DVD with her lectures and she is witty as well as deep.  I also used her workbook.  I highly recommend Hosea for any group looking for a women’s Bible study. 

Just the other day, I finished Liz Curtis Higgs It’s Good to be Queen.  She’s one of my favorite writers, and this book is a jewel; ten entertaining and educational chapters on ten Bible verses about the Queen of Sheba, and all the lessons we can learn from her.  Added bonuses are a reader discussion guide and a Bible study.  I’ve already bought several copies to give to friends. 

I enjoy watching television in the evening.  Since I hate wasting time on commercials, I record my favorite shows.  I can turn two-hours of “So You Think You Can Dance” into 30 minutes of dance routines!s  I tend to buy movies because a DVD/blue ray costs less than two people going to the theater and buying popcorn and sodas.  Rick and I can make our own fresh popcorn and stock Junior Mints or chocolate Flicks – and we older folk can hit pause and take a potty break without missing part of the movie. 

I do have some favorite shows that I watch in the evening when I turn into a couch potato:

              Strange Inheritances – a show that is about just that: strange inheritances – from barns full of (collectible) tractors to comic books found in an attic box, to original maps of early Texas, to an alligator farm.  Who knew there were so many strange inheritances? 

              Antique Roadshow –  Always interesting.  I remember watching one show when an elderly gentleman of limited means brought in an old Indian blanket he’d put on his recliner and had been sitting on for years.  He had the provenance (letters from Kit Carson).  The antique dealer was shaking with excitement.  Turns out the blanket was an original chief’s blanket and worth $800,000.  A piece of American history worthy of the Smithsonian. 

Miracles of Nature –  Every episode is about a different country.  If you love to travel, this is an easy way to do it!