Good Girls and Bad Boys

This blog is going to be a confusing mess, reflective of my feelings on whether good girls should have anything to do with bad boys – or good boys enter relationships with bad girls.  The whole idea is fraught with risk and catastrophic personal repercussions.  The mother/grandmother part of me says no-way, no how, run!  Add Christian to mom/granny and I want to say always offer grace while keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus and following in His footsteps. God designed us to have a conscience.  We know what’s right and wrong. Don’t compromise.  Sometimes that bad boy has no intention of being good and wants nothing more than to add one to his trophy list.   

So what is the draw about a bad boy?  Is it the pride of challenge at being the one to turn a bad boy into a good man?  Is it the excitement or danger?  

Bad boys can make themselves look good to vulnerable young girls.  Such is the case with Dylan when he meets Abra.  A predator always recognizes his natural prey.  Such is the case with far too many girls who fall for users and abusers, traffickers intent on lining their pockets at the expense of another human life, trapped by “love” and held captive by fear and hope that he might change. 

Sadly, people seldom change until the pain becomes greater than the fear of change. 

Even with all that said, no one is beyond redemption. Boys and girls often misbehave.  Some turn to crime.  God is still in the full-time business of performing miracles by changing lives from the inside out.   Sometimes the hard consequences, suffering and grief grow people into shining examples of love and faith.  I know bad boys and girls who encountered Jesus in prison and came out stronger, humbler and better Christian servants than many pastors in the pulpit.  Jesus hung out with the wayward and lost.  We are called to be salt and light.  We are called to be ambassadors of God’s grace. 

Bottom line:  Every Christian lives in enemy territory.  The first thing we should do each morning is put on the full armor of God.  Then God has equipped us to enter our mission field with eyes and heart wide open to opportunities He gives us.  Proceed with the wisdom and discernment only God can give you.  Keep your ears and heart open to His still, quiet voice. 

If He says, “Not this one.  Not yet.  Wait on My timing.”  Listen – and walk away.