Earth Psalms Sneak Peak

I’m excited to show you a sample devotional from my new book, Earth Psalms, available October 4.

Click here for this sneak peek.

I love the way the Earth Psalms devotional is set up. While I wrote the earth psalms, Karin Buursma collaborated with me and wrote the enrichment sections.

There are three sections that can be considered, pondered, or used to for self-examination and journaling.

Reflect will give readers things to ponder. These questions are not quickly or easily answered. (It could take more than a week to consider all the possibilities and do the deeper work of self-examination for some questions.)

Apply gives us things to do.

Connect with God offers a prayer. Some might offer an example of how we can confess our struggles, while others thank God for providing the help we need in various areas of our lives.

The questions Karin presents will challenge readers (as they do me) to go deeper into our relationship with the God who created us and the world in which we live. That has been my hope while writing the earth psalms, that each of us will look at everything God has created with excitement and wonder.