After a four-year drought, it’s finally raining in Northern California.   Creeks and rivers are flowing, reservoirs filling.  Vibrant God-green grass is coming up everywhere, along with wildflowers in the open space behind our home.  Yesterday, a flock of birds aerial-danced as though giving thanks and celebrating.

We’ve been waiting a long time for a wet winter.  Last night, in the wee hours of morn, I listened to the wind chimes as the most recent storm swept through our area, drenching everything.  It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that welcome sound.  When I got up in the morning, Rick had a fire in the hearth and fresh coffee brewing.  Sarge was still damp from his walkabout outside.  He doesn’t like the fire.  We haven’t had one for several years, and instinct told him to keep a distance.

This drought may be over, but others still trouble our land.  One in particular is rampant and spreading like a plague.  A drought of common courtesy.

Imagine how things might change if each of us:

Treated everyone with respect and consideration

Listened to others’ opinions without interruption

Spoke without sarcasm or insult

Did not demand rights at the expense of others

Forgave trespasses

Spoke truth with kindness


Candidates reflect the culture.   They hold up a mirror to show who we are, who we may become.


Everyone has a point of view.  Only One really matters.  Jesus commanded these things:

Love one another as I first loved you.  (He died for us while we were yet enemies.)

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


We will have our day at the poll when we will cast our vote for the candidate that reflects us the best.  But we can bring change now.  Small changes over time make a big difference.   We can:

Put down our cellphones, make eye contact and share a conversation

Allow someone to merge easily onto the freeway

Smile and greet people; young and old, strangers as well as friends, people behind counters, the homeless


Courtesy may not be the norm, but wouldn’t it be nice if we did our part to make it so?