California Wildfires Evacuations

Rick and I have spent the last two weeks with close friends on a road trip through six states. Our route: Dallas, Vicksburg, New Orleans, Biloxi, Montgomery, Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, Fort Smith, Oklahoma City and back to Dallas.  We covered 2500 miles, saw numerous National Parks, landmarks and museums, and enjoyed perfect weather. All the while disasters followed on our heels – one hurricane, a flooded gulf town, a tornado and major rain storm. It was surreal.

Then, on the last night before our flight home from Dallas to SFO, our friends got a call at 3:00 a.m. from their son-in-law asking what they wanted taken out of their granny unit because they were being evacuated due to a fast approaching wildfire.  Our hometown of Santa Rosa was under siege. Our flight took off and landed on time.  We picked up our car and headed home, not knowing if we could get through, let alone what we’d find.  I was driving and know the backroads.

Right now, the focus is on making sure everyone is out of harm’s way and safe. Fighting the fire will have to wait.  We’ve spent most of our time on the telephone, texting, checking on friends, offering supplies or help while keeping a watchful eye on the green space behind us.  One ember could start an inferno.

What do you take if you’re told to get out of your house NOW?  My mind goes to starting over.  What do we need to do that?

  • Bible
  • Rick’s medications
  • Dog and dog food
  • Water
  • Address book
  • Password file
  • Insurance policies
  • Cash, checkbook, credit cards
  • Computer (my livelihood)

A friend told me to get pictures of every room in our home for insurance purposes.  We’ve had time to wash and repack our clothes. Everything else is in a small case.  All we have to do is snap the leash on Sarge, undock my computer, and go.

Meanwhile, we pray and trust in the Lord.  We don’t understand the whys of all this devastation, but set our minds and hearts on following His ways, knowing God can and will lead us through whatever comes.