Bible Study on the High Seas

When we first boarded the Island Princess, we wondered if we’d be able to connect with other Christians while onboard.  As it turned out, others wondered the same thing.  One couple asked for a place and time to meet, and requested an announcement appear daily in the Patter, the on-board daily activities calendar.  We expected our fifteen day cruise to take us to exciting, new places to see, but we did not expect it to have a spiritual retreat feeling as well. 

Every “sea day”, our interdenominational group met in the Wedding Chapel to read and discuss Scripture.  On the first Sunday, our group organized and announced an evening service with readings, music and a brief message.  The Wedding chapel was packed, standing room only.  This morning, members of the Princess cruise organized a morning Interdenominational Mass in the Universe Lounge. 

What I learned is it only takes one couple to start the ball rolling.  In this case, it was David and Olena who took that step to ask for a time and place be set aside for Christians to gather and an announcement printed so everyone would know.  David and Olena encouraged all the rest of us to do the same thing on the next trip we take. 

I relished every gathering.  Catholic, Baptist, Pentacostal, and Fundamentalists came together because we all have a shared faith in the perfect life, redemptive death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Traditions and religious practices were set aside as we came together through our common love of Scripture.  The two Gideons among us had even brought Bibles. 

The next time we take a trip, we intend to follow David and Olena’s example and start up an open Bible study.  We hope you will do the same.