Bible Study Fellowship

When I heard BSF had a new study on the book of Isaiah, I asked to be placed on the list.  I graduated several years ago after having completed the seven available studies, but have missed attending the class.  The course encourages daily study of specific passages and reliance on the Holy Spirit to teach, sharing in a discussion group, listening to a lecture based on the specific scriptures and reviewing the passage by reading printed notes.  I love all aspects of the class and never come away without having learned something. 

BSF started with Wetherell Johnson, a missionary to China, who left her mission field in tears and returned home wondering what God wanted her to do with her life.  A few women asked her to teach a Bible study. What began in Miss Johnson’s living room in the mid-50s grew quickly.  She trained teachers and classes spread across the country as well as overseas.  When I attend BSF every week, I know there are tens of thousands of women and men – and children, attending classes and studying exactly what I’m studying at the same pace. 

The study is open to everyone, believer or non-believer.  For those who have never read the Bible and aren’t Christians, it’s a place to investigate.  For those who have, it’s a place to dig deeper into the scriptures.  Studying the Bible in this way brings us all together to hear what God has to say through His Word. 

If you haven’t heard of BSF, check it out on line.  Hopefully, there is a class near you.  If you have heard BSF and have put off attending, I hope you will attend a class.  Visit and see what it’s all about.  (A friend invited me for several years before I finally came to a class.  I loved it, and learn something new every time I go.)

If no one has mentioned BSF to you, I’m giving you a personal invitation to attend.  Let me know if you go.   We’ll be studying the same passages together.