A Shift in Thinking

Not a day goes by that I don’t hear news anchors and commentators grumbling. I could turn off the television, and often do.  But the thoughts are there, lurking.  What if..?  If only…  Why, oh, why?  Some say worrying is a sign of intelligence.  God says it’s a lack of faith.

What can I do when concerns about the future come – aside from writing letters to the editor and casting my vote at an election booth?

Write a list of blessings.


Open my eyes, Lord, so I can see

Blessings you’ve poured down on me.


These came while sitting in the courthouse hallway, awaiting jury duty:

Human voices

People walking up and down the corridor

Polished linoleum floors

The symmetry of a green wood wall

The creak of a leather gun holster

A lady with white hair, tan face and beautiful blue eyes

The click-click-click of high-heeled shoes

Turquoise wool

People lining up outside the courtroom, ready to serve

Sitting in a jury box

A bell ringing, signifying “All clear” as I pass through security

The clean air outside

The American flag snapping in the wind

Yellow ginkgo leaves shivering against a blue sky

A car that starts at the turn of a key

Busy streets, everyone has a place to go and something to do


Thank You, Lord.