Rick and I are traveling with our daughter, Shannon, and our two oldest grandchildren.   Rick’s passion is American history, and we both believe it is crucial for our children to be proud of our country and the great experiment our founders presented to the world: a government of the people, by the people and for the people.   To that end, when each of our children reached fifth grade, Rick took each of them to Washington, DC, and showed them as many important historical sites as possible.  We are now continuing that mission with our grandchildren.

With only six days, we’re moving as fast as the airplanes in the Air and Space Museum used to fly.  We’ve seen dinosaurs and the Hope diamond, live cockroaches in the insect zoo and the lines at the National Archives.  The cherry trees are dressed in Easter pink and white, proclaiming Christ’s resurrection.  Lincoln and Jefferson’s words about the impact of Almighty God on mankind are carved into the marble walls of their Memorials.  All men are created equal.  We are a nation under God.

This morning, we headed out of town to see Mount Vernon, George Washington’s beautiful home on the Potomac.  Much has changed in the five years since Rick and I last visited.  There is a beautiful museum and education center, and many more authentic artifacts have been tracked down and returned to the estate.   Standing at his tomb, I thanked God this great man passed the governing power to the second president and showed the world the new republic could stand. 

Let us never forget the Christian foundations on which we stand, for in Christ’s teachings there is freedom and justice for all.   Under God, only the Almighty can take our freedom from us.   Under man, there is tyranny.