31 Days in Proverbs

For the past couple of years, our pastor has issued a challenge to read through Proverbs during July.  Thirty-one days in the month, thirty-one chapters in the book.  It is a very straight-forward, practical book about living out faith – and the consequences that come when we don’t.

Here’s what I have gleaned so far:

I can learn wisdom and discipline from God’s Word.  It is available to all.

I can gain insights through the instruction of the Holy Spirit. If I am willing…

In order to gain wisdom, understanding and knowledge, I must first:


              Treasure God’s commands

              Tune my ears to Him

              Concentrate on understanding

              Cry out for (ask) for insight

              Search for wisdom, understanding and knowledge

              Seek them as I would hidden treasure

Then I will understand what it means to fear the Lord.  (To hold Him in highest honor in my life, to be in awe of His great love and power, to know only He is worthy of praise.)

Wisdom will help me discern who is an enemy of God and my enemy as well.  There are people in this world who delight in doing wrong, who love to pull others into sin.  The truth is all those who reject God and practice sin will die in their sins and go to hell. 

I can listen to and become confused by those who promote and practice sin that leads to death.  Or I can follow people who love the Lord and His ways.  I must choose.  I live or die by what I choose.

From beginning to end, it is always about choice.  Seek God or reject Him.  Give in to my sin nature or strive to do right in all situations.  Live or die.  Believe the lies the world promotes — or seek true wisdom, understanding and knowledge from God Himself through His Word. 

I believe God.  The world’s wisdom changes like the wind, blowing people’s hope hither and yon.  God’s Word is His Bond.