Redeeming Love – The Movie

I’ve been waiting a long time to share the news that Redeeming Love will be made into a movie.  It was an announcement that needed to come from Cantinas Entertainment first before I could jump in and start talking about it.  Over the years, my agent has fielded numerous offers to make the novel into a movie, but none was the right fit until now. Our agreement keeps me in the loop.

This book has always belonged to the Lord.  The story comes straight out of the Bible from the book of Hosea which had a profound impact on my life and the course of my writing.   So I have always been deeply concerned about relinquishing any part of it to anyone.  I let my heart lead once and over eight years passed with no progress.  This time I needed to employ both heart and head, as well as listen to wise counsel.  It helps to have two trustworthy, knowledgeable agents (one in Chicago and one in Los Angeles) and a lawyer who knows how much this book means to me and is willing to be my champion. 

When Rick and I agreed to meet with Cantinas Entertainment, we went cautiously and without much hope.  We had just come away from meetings with another group that had plenty of zeal, but only a vague plan of how they wanted to put the project together.  We didn’t want to get our hopes up and be disappointed again.

We felt the difference the moment we entered the Cantinas offices. Both of my agents were present and we all sat comfortably and went around the room, each having a chance to talk about their experience, expertise and vision.  Cantinas Entertainment had a solid plan to present.   Plans are important, but other things matter, too.  Rick and I felt a rapport with Wayne and Wendy Hughes and Greg Campbell as well as the others in the room.  We all had a like-minded dream of what Redeeming Love could be if done right.  We all want the same thing:  to use our talents and resources to honor the Lord, to bring a movie to the public that will not just entertain, but offer hope.

Redeeming Love isn’t just a romantic Gold Rush story about a farmer who falls in love with a prostitute. It’s a show-and-tell of how Christ loves each one of us.  While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  Michael’s love for Angel is sacrificial, life-affirming, passionate, redemptive.  The world’s definition of love is shallow and short-lived.  Christ’s love lifts up, restores, endures and is an all-consuming fire.  It is a love that can be trusted because He never breaks His word.  Rick and I believe Wayne and Wendy Hughes and Greg Campbell, as well as the others we met, will keep that love as the heart and soul of “Redeeming Love”, the movie.