Deleted Scene – Chapter 57 – Her Daughter’s Dream

This deleted scene from Her Daughter’s Dream is the original ending to chapter 57 and begins on p. 528. It comes on the heels of Dawn’s eavesdropping on her mother and grandmother’s conversation about Carolyn’s time at Berkley and afterward and about Hildie’s relationship with Dawn.

Dawn got up carefully. She braced herself against the dresser until the pain eased. Stooping cautiously, she gathered the pillows and comforter and put them back on the bed. She slipped beneath the covers and thanked God for answering her prayers.

Granny opened the French doors quietly and came back to bed. Dawn heard a soft sob and felt Granny shaking. She rolled over slowly, edging her clumsy body closer. She touched Granny’s back and heard another smothered sob. “I’ve been eavesdropping. I heard everything you both said, Granny. I love you, too.” She rubbed Granny’s back. “I’d tuck myself behind you, but there’s someone between us.”

Granny gave a soft, broken laugh and turned over. Facing Dawn, Granny whispered, “I did love you more. Because you let me.”

Dawn touched her wrinkled cheek. “I know.” She shifted close enough to put her forehead against Granny’s. “But things are different now, Granny. You both opened up. You have time to get to know one another all over again.”

“How did you become so wise?”

By suffering.

Dawn kissed Granny’s forehead. “Go to sleep. It’s still raining. The roads are closed. We’ll talk all day tomorrow.”

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