The Hawk and the Crows

A few days ago, I noticed a battle going on in the skies overhead.  Crows or blackbirds were attacking a hawk.  These weren’t small birds defending a nest.  These were like a gang of bullies.  The hawk didn’t return the attack, though there were several times when it looked like a swift roll over and he could have grasped one of the smaller birds and had a tasty snack.  Instead, the hawk dodged and gave a flap or two of powerful wings to gain a little more height.   In ever increasing circles, the hawk flew higher and higher, until the crows gave up and flew away. 

Things peck at us all the time.  We can feel under attack.  Life’s problems can be like a gang of bullies after us.  What do we do when we feel surrounded by trouble?  

We can take a lesson from the red-tailed hawk.  Use your wings of faith to take you higher and closer to God.   Study God’s Word.  Pray.  Remember the times in the past when God was there for you.  And give thanks in all things.  We are in a spiritual battle every day of our lives while living inside these temporal bodies on this fallen earth.  But we have God’s promise that everything works together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  Every battle can make our faith stronger when you keep your eyes on Jesus.  We can soar in the midst of tribulation. 

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