And the Shofar Blew

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The story of a dynamic young preacher, committed to building his church--but at what cost? Paul Hudson seemed like the perfect pastor to lead Centerville Christian Church and Eunice was the perfect pastor's wife.  When Paul accepted the call to pastor the struggling church, he had no idea what to expect. But it didn't take long for Paul to turn Centerville Christian Church around.  Attendance is up, way up, and everything is going so well.  If only his wife could see it that way.  Still, he tries not to let her quiet presence distract him. But Eunice knows that something isn't right and it hasn't been for a long time... Eunice closed the bedroom door quietly and knelt beside her bed. I am drowning, God. I've never felt so alone. Who can I turn to but you, Lord? Where else does a pastor's wife go for help when her marriage is failing and her life is out of control? Who can I trust with my anguish, Lord? Who but you? Grasping her pillow, she pressed her tightly to her mouth so that her sobs would not be heard...